Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House.

Place the templates on the dough, and cut out the panels with a pastry cutter, pizza cutter or sharp knife. baking tip use cookie cutters to make cookies from the leftover dough for the kids to decorate. Dec, a small, delicate gingerbread house that will make your home smell delicious this.

i made a taller gingerbread house back in which you can see here. this year i used a smaller, more classic design. i used all royal icing which gives it a more sophisticated and delicate look. Oct, roll out gingerbread dough on a to about inch thick. chill until firm, about hour.

lightly dust top of dough with flour. place facade template over chilled dough cut out with a paring knife. remove excess dough from around template reserve. cut out windows from facade with a small Dec, place gingerbread pieces on cutting board. place pattern templates on gingerbread.

trim with pizza wheel or small knife to template size. sandpaper may be used if house is not going to be eaten. cool gingerbread completely before assembling gingerbread house In a preheated degree f degrees c oven, bake gingerbread for minutes, or until crisp.

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