Heart Box Template Gift Window Love

Heart Box Template Gift Window Love

Heart Box Template Gift Window Love.

I am making these boxes to give as valentines gifts but. Just a simple heart gift box i designed in inventor, as a gift for my girlfriend. figured i might as well upload it here. you can scale it to however you want, and if you put the top on the build plate upside down, it will be support free.

sorry for the bad quality pictures license. exclusive credit remix noncommercial. Sep, step pop your into the box. step close the lid or glue the last flap into position. for the and tetrahedron you will need to print, score, and fold the templates just in the same way as you would do the cube.

start gluing your model together remembering to leave one flap open so that you can put your gift inside. Dec, heart explosion box gift. make a explosion box as a heartfelt gift for a special friend with this. a photo explosion box is the most amazing personalized gift i have been working on exploding gift boxes for months.

the first heart explosion box i designed was a gift Jan, step by step instruction to make paper heart box print out the template on your favorite color. any kind of paper will work, but the bigger the box is, the heavier paper will be required. i made this gold gloss box from template size, and the paperweight should be around to.

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