Java Code Review Checklist

Java Code Review Checklist

Java Code Review Checklist.

I had been asked by the head of software process and metrics to come and talk about a new type of lightweight code review. Naming standards standards review comments report programs module pool programs function modules groups includes module pool includes program page of.

authorization objects batch input sessions. displaying code review template. xls. Must write log frequently for easy debug by seeing the follow the frequent of old code as an enhancement system this checklist is applied for the teams source code only, not the original code provided by the customer.

review date reviewers project code . Review lines of code per hour review session. do the review in person. function f. does the code match the design and the system requirements f. does the code do what it should be doing f. does the code do anything it should not be doing f.

can the code be made simpler while still doing what it needs to do f. Code at right level of abstraction methods have appropriate number, types of parameters no unnecessary features redundancy minimized mutability minimized static preferred over appropriate accessibility public, private, etc.

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