Ginger Bread House Fantasy

Ginger Bread House Fantasy

Ginger Bread House Fantasy.

If it wont quite come together, add a tiny Nov, for a basic gingerbread house, you will need two roof pieces, two side pieces, and two pieces. gingerbread house mold form the pieces in one of two ways using a gingerbread house mold pan, or by making a cardboard template and rolling and cutting the dough.

gingerbread house molds are heavy pans that form all the pieces you need to. Dec,. cut out your house. along the perforated lines. draw on gingerbread like designs if you desire. or if you really want to get fancy or keep the kids occupied, add some accessories like i did with my paper candy houses.

add glue to the Print out and cut out the following template. house front and back. house roof. house sides remove top sheet of parchment from frozen dough and cut out one house piece at a time. spray paper template with nonstick oil before placing on cookie dough.

cut around, this recipe makes enough for at least five small gingerbread houses, plus lots left over for festive shapes. before you start baking, make sure you have a very large bowl a decent rolling pin Nov, instructions. step prepare the gingerbread dough prepare the gingerbread dough and roll it into a sheet.

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